Mausoleums Columbus, OH

Mausoleums are free standing buildings that house the deceased in above ground caskets or crypts. The use of mausoleums dates back many years, most commonly known are the pyramids which act as tombs that house the deceased kings as well as the Indian Taj Mahal. It is an ancient traditional form of laying your loved one to rest for eternity in the comfort of their own private building rather than below the ground. Here we explain the different types of mausoleums and how they operate so you can see if this is the right option for your loved one.
Single and Family Mausoleums
Mausoleums can be created in a range of different sizes, to house either a single person or an entire family. They are generally considered to be a more prestigious option for entombment as they are laid to rest above ground where it will not become damp. It is a common option for those who do not want to be laid to rest underground or be cremated. A mausoleum can hold many crypts to cater for a whole family, or just a singular member. They have internal space so that their family and friends are able to enter the building all year round and remember their loved ones.
A crypt is the area that contains the casket containing the remains of the loved one that is being laid to rest. Crypts can either be open so that the casket can be seen or enclosed with a plaque on the exterior stating who is inside that crypt. The design of crypts is personal preference but is often best to be discussed as a family if there is to be a family mausoleum. We have the relevant resources to be able to cater for whatever style of crypt you would like.
The exterior of a mausoleum can be designed in whichever style you believe reflects the individual or family who are to be laid to rest within the mausoleum. Common styles include the classic gothic style, the appearance of a house or even a church. The design of the mausoleum is up to the individual and the allowances of appearance restrictions from the cemetery where the mausoleum will be located. There are also generally restrictions from the cemetery as to the frequency of cleaning, floral displays and visiting hours, so be sure to check the restrictions from the cemetery before settling on an exterior design.
The interior of a mausoleum can also be customized to suit your needs and desires. Dependent on the size and number of deceased it is intended to hold can influence the design of the interior. If it is to hold a single or couple, the interior may be smaller, and if it is to hold an entire extended family, the interior may be much larger to cater for more visitors. They often contain a seating are for those visitors to come and pay their respects to their loved one.