Memorial Benches Columbus, OH

A memorial bench is a loving way to remember you loved one and feels as though you are sitting with them and close to them when they are used. Often, people will place a memorial bench in their garden so they can have a frequent reminder of the love they have lost. Memorial benches can be installed around a garden bed in tribute to the deceased surrounded by their favorite flowers or under the shade of their favorite tree in the garden they used to love tending.

Style & Design
The style and design of the bench headstone can be customized to suit what you think would best reflect your loved one. It can be shaped like a garden bench, a flat backless seat, styled to look like a couch or a seat attached to a solid faced memorial. They can be made in either single seats or longer benches with space for a few people. The style and design will be influenced by the intended location of the seat and if there are any restrictions in place for the location.
Our memorial benches are made of granite. Because they are made of granite, they can be easily sandblasted to create a design that best suits your loved one. Depending on the bench shape, there may be a larger surface area for engraving, which would mean you could add not only the relevant info, such as name and dates, but you can also add unique, custom designs to give your memorial bench a better, more beautiful look.
A simple plaque can be attached to the bench seat that you have selected, or alternatively you can have your bench seat engraved, which we will explain about later. Plaques can be attached to any area of your bench memorial that is desired, and we are happy to give guidance on the best locations for visibility and low maintenance. Alternatively, some bench seats are attached to a tombstone, which will have the tribute to your loved one there. This allows for a more detailed account of your loved one’s life and their contributions to the world.

Engravings on a memorial bench can be a beautiful way to tribute the loss of your loved one. This can be in the form of their favorite song, poem, saying or any other script that represents the life they have lived. Engravings can also be of images and objects that relate to the person who is being tribute in the bench seat. As a seat often offers more space than a tombstone, it can leave room for creativity to make the bench seat something very special and unique. We have the relevant tools, equipment and skill to meet your desired script and look.