Sandblasting & Laser Etching Services

Sandblasting and Laser Etching are the ways in which we are able to manipulate and customize different materials. By using these techniques, we can create unique and beautiful memorials for those departed that you love dearly. We use these to create text and images on gravestones, bench memorials and to create columbarium’s and mausoleums. Here we outline a little more about what each of the processes are and what we are able to achieve by using them.

Sand Blasting
Sandblasting is a technique used to manipulate a surface to either make it flat, textured and to shape the material into the desired style. It is a form of surface preparation so that we have a good foundation for the memories of the person you wish to share. We have a team of experts skilled in the field of sand blasting and take great care in their work, ensuring precision as they understand the meaning behind their work. Our team appreciate that this will be the last and longest living memorial of the loved ones that we have lost, which is why they put the greatest attention to the process to ensure that it is perfect and long lasting.
Laser Etching
Laser etching is a form of engraving that is used to create the special words and images that are displayed on memorials. This process starts after the preparation works of sandblasting have been completed and the desired surface for engraving has been achieved. The laser etching machine uses a laser beam to alter the surface of the memorial. This is generally a quick process as the laser is able to cut the stone much quicker and cleaner than a person would be able to do with their hands. This process ensures a sharp finish that will look great for years to come.
Some black granite headstones are both sandblasted and then laser etched to form the final product of the headstone. These methods are what allow us to alter and personalize each headstone so that you can be sure that your loved one’s memorial is as unique as them. We are happy to show examples of what these look like and the styles that you are able to achieve. This may help with inspiration if it is hard for you to think clearly about how you would like your loved one to be remembered when you are still grieving.
Bench Memorials
Bench memorials can have a range of different textures on their surfaces, which is where sandblasting really comes in handy. It can convert a rough surface to a smooth surface for the base of the seat and can turn a smooth surface into a rough and textured one for the bench legs. Whichever style or design you want to achieve, this can be done through sandblasting. The laser etching will then be the tool used to customize and personalize the message you wish to be displayed on the bench in loving memory.