Flat Grave Markers For Sale In Columbus, OH

Flat Headstones For Sale Columbus, OH

A flat grave marker is a headstone or tombstone that sits flush with the surrounding ground. This is a very common option to pay tribute to the loved ones that have been lost. The cost of a flat grave marker is relatively low, but this does not mean that the quality is compromised or that it has any less meaning or devotion to your special person. In fact, some cemeteries require that you can only place a flat grave marker at the final resting place of your loved one.

Flat markers can be made with either bronze or granite, dependent on your preference. If you opt for a bronze headstone, this is generally a plate that is attached to a granite surface, called a “granite backer”. This allows for additional decoration and for the grave marker to stand out. Granite flat headstones can come in a range of different granite colors to suit the personality of the individual and the preference of style. Either of these materials can be customized with a unique design to honor your loved one for generations to come.
All of our grave markers are completely customizable so that you can find the perfect fit to pay homage to your loved one. You can change the size and colors of the flat headstone to find the right combination for a beautiful memorial as well as so you can meet your cemetery restrictions that may be in place, such as size and material. As granite comes in many colors there are a range to choose from. Our flat headstones for graves can be suited and made exactly to your liking.
Our team of headstone experts is passionate about the decoration of your flat headstone and understands the meaning behind each decorative element. You can have decorative flowers or wreaths, imprints of animals, borders, poems, and even a headstone vase if you choose. Whichever way you choose to decorate the headstone for your special person, we will make sure that it is of the best quality to withstand the tests of time. We understand that a grave marker will be the last and longest remaining memory of your dearly departed, so we will take every step necessary to create a high quality grave marker for your loved one.

A flat grave marker can also have a photo of your loved one added to the surface so that their smile and character can be remembered and seen for many years to come by those who visit.  Photographs have become more popular in recent years as it is the best way to individualize the tribute and see the person who has been laid to rest. We can help create a beautiful headstone for your loved one that also has a picture of them to help honor a life well lived.