Headstones For Graves Columbus, OH

Upright headstones are the memorials that sit on a vertical 90-degree angle from the grave of your loved one. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles so that you are able to customize the headstone to one that accurately reflects the essence of your dearly departed. Here we explain to you the different headstones for graves and how you are able to customize them to make sure the headstone of your loved one is something spectacular that honors their memory.
Upright Headstones
Upright headstones are commonly used throughout the country as a pleasant way to remember your loved one. They contain information about the person, who they were, who they were loved by and the impact that they have had on the people whose lives they touched. Some of the contents that are gaining traction on headstones are catch phrases frequently used by the individual, words to their favorite songs as well as eulogies written by close loved ones. Naturally these are in combination with the name of the dearly departed as well as their date of birth and death.

Slant Headstones
Slant headstones are used in the same fashion as upright headstones. However, slant headstones are generally lower to the ground and angled up towards the sky. They have a flat bottom with just the face having the slant upwards so that it is sturdy and will last indefinitely. These can be made for an individual or can have the names of two companions, so that they can lay side by side for eternity with their love. Because slant headstones are not as tall as upright headstones and do not have a base, they are affordable headstones that are popular options for those on a budget who do not want a flat grave marker.
All of our headstones are made of granite unless we are creating a bronze flat marker for a family. Our granite headstones are all made of the best quality granite that is quarried from different parts of the United States and the world. All of our granite headstones come with a lifetime warranty, as we promise the granite will not be compromised due to time or weather conditions.
When you have selected either an upright headstone or a slant headstone, you are then able to start customizing the design to suit the style of the life that has been lost. This can include a photo of the deceased, an image of their favorite bird, musical notes or any other image that represents who they were and the life they lived. The size and shape are also able to be customized to how you believe your loved one would like to be remembered, whether that be classic square cut or something a little more custom made. We always provide our families in the Columbus area a final sketch of their headstone for approval before we begin creating the finished product.

Headstone prices will vary depending on the style, size, and granite color. Our flat grave markers are typically less expensive than our upright headstones. While we don’t sell cheap headstones, as that imposes we make headstones of poor quality, we do have a wide variety of affordable headstones for any budget. If you need some headstone quotes, be sure to get in contact with us today to discuss options and pricing.