Cremation Memorials Columbus, OH

If your loved one had a desire to be cremated rather than to be buried underground as their final resting place, this can mean that you will need to consider alternate options for their memorial. This can mean that they are either remembered publicly in a cemetery, or privately within the property of a family member, whichever you feel suits them and their wishes best, we have a solution for it. Here we have outlined some of the common and respectful ways that people wish to tribute their loved ones.

Often when a loved one gets cremated, they are kept in an urn in the family home. This is so that the family can forever keep a part of them in their daily lives and display them showing the upmost respect. Urns these days can come in a range of styles and shapes including flowers, butterflies, spheres and many others.  This can help you perfectly match their personality to remember them best when you look to their urn. We can have these engraved or words and images printed on them in conjunction with any of the below services as well.
Memorial stones
If your loved one’s wish was to be cremated rather than buried, this does not mean that they are unable to have their place in the cemetery. Often people opt to have a memorial stone at the cremation site in their local cemetery as it is a place that people can go to visit to pay their respects to their dearly departed. Memorial stones are similar to headstones, however they do not sit on top of their grave. It will outline their name, dates of birth and death as well as any other information on who they were as a person.
Columbarium Memorials
A columbarium memorial is a public space in a cemetery for an urn to be kept, and a memorial of the loved one placed on its structure. This will be alongside others who have been cremated and are also kept within a columbarium. We have the ability to create a separate smaller columbarium for you and your family if that is how you chose to be remembered, or to simply create the memorial plaque to go along side their friends and neighbors in the public columbarium.
Home Memorials
Many people who have family members cremated opt to have a memorial for their loved one within their private property.  This is commonly in the form of birdbaths and garden bench seats. These will have your loved one’s name on it, and can be used by you and your family, and by nature as well. A birdbath is a great idea for a memorial for those who loved animals and feeding the birds. A garden seat would be the ideal memorial for our dearly departed who either loved spending time outside or tending to their garden. It is a respectful way to tribute our deceased in a way that they would like to be remembered.